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Vcore Tour 97 G

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Please note that this racquet comes unstrung. Optional stringing service available.

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Control and Spin

Dominate each match with the spin, accuracy and power generated by the VCORE series from Yonex. These racquets bring tremendously high levels of spin and ball control through the meticulous evolution of racquet technology, guaranteeing a powerful performance.


The Integrated Power Weight System improves face stability and gives overall solidity to the frame. Additional weight is placed at three and nine o’clock in the frame head, which in turn increases face stability upon impact.


A square shaped head that enlarges the sweet spot by 7%, bringing more accuracy, stability and control to all shots.

3D Vector Shaft

Increases overall stiffness and face-stability, allowing for elevated levels of control. The shaft also reduces frame twist, which generates more power and added accuracy to hit on-point.


The Oval Pressed Shaft (O.P.S.) enhances both flexibility and stability with rounder corners of the frame and wider, flatter shaft. This combination produces high ball spin-potential and control over the ball direction.

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Is it a real Yonex? Look for these things:

Is the hologram sticker easy or difficult to remove?

Yonex-Sunrise stickers are very hard to remove.

Original Sticker
Fake Sticker

Is the Yonex logo on the handle the same colour and style and font as on an authentic racquet?

Fakes will have slight variations.

Original Logo
Fake Logo

Is the product code engraved or printed on the shaft?

Yonex products have engraved product codes.

Original Engraving
Fake Engraving

Are the colour and font of the logo on the butt cap the same as on an authentic racquet?

Fakes will have slight variations.

Original Logo
Fake Logo

Grip Size

Yonex Grip Size Circumferences:
  • G1 4" / 102mm
  • G2 4.25" / 108mm
  • G3 4.375" / 111mm
  • G4 4.5" / 114mm
  • G5 4.625" / 114mm

Stringing Tension

  • 18-21lbs
  • 22-24lbs
    Juniors/Club Players
  • 25-28lbs
    Advanced Players
  • 29-35lbs
    Country/Professional Players

The SunriseClick Guarantee

Clash Support

Don’t worry about breaking your racquet during play whether it’s from in-game collisions, powerful smashes or your general domination on the court. SunriseClick has got you covered!

If you break your racquet that was purchased from SunriseClick during play we will let you purchase a replacement at 30% off the racquet’s full-price (not the discounted price) as long as we have stock of the item. This validity holds for three-months from the date of purchase. Just contact our Customer Care Team to being your claim process.

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Easy 30 day returns

Returns are easy at SunriseClick! Just contact our Customer Care Team within 30 days of your order arriving and we’ll provide you with return instructions. When we receive the goods we will immediately inspect them. If they meet our terms and conditions we’ll process the refund straight away.

Easy 6-month return on defects

Don’t worry about product defects! Contact our Customer Care Team to begin the investigation process. If we think the product may be defective we’ll help you to arrange for a pickup. When we receive the goods we will immediately inspect them. If we find there is a manufacturing defect with the item we will process the refund or send a replacement immediately – it’s your choice! If no defect is found we will return the product to you.