Behind the Click

SunriseClick is a newly formed ecommerce sporting goods retailer. We are a part of the Sunrise & Company group, the sole distributor of sport brands Yonex and Mikasa throughout South and Southeast Asia.

We aim to be the driving force behind these brands in the region, proudly equipping athletes with high-quality equipment to bring out the best in their game.

Sports equipment has evolved since Yonex put out its first wooden racquet and Mikasa released its first volleyball. E-commerce is the way forward for future generations of athletes.

We’re bringing the same game-winning Yonex and Mikasa equipment to your doorstep, the same unequalled Sunrise passion for authenticity, quality and innovation, just with a new set of rules. You’ll find us at the top of the podiums with our sponsored athletes, or at the local gym in a beginner’s hand. And on courts, fields, and backyards in-between, helping athletes at all levels dominate the game.

Join the SC Team

At SunriseClick we think fast and work faster. We’re always looking for ways to innovate, and we value our people as the driving force behind that progress. We’re an international team with diverse backgrounds, unique skills, and one common goal: to be the pace-setters in the southeast asian sporting goods market.

Our team needs sports enthusiasts from around the world who are as passionate about the company as their favourite sport.

From our high-energy main offices in Singapore, we’re constantly working to bring the best Yonex and Mikasa products and newest designs to athletes and sports fans across 14 different countries. We are setting the standard in the region.No detail is left to chance as we put our customers’ satisfaction above all else. We look to be the resource people turn to not only for sports equipment, but also for education, guidance and inspiration on ways to improve their game across the spectrum.

At SunriseClick we are constantly looking towards the future. We’re launching in 2013, expanding in 2014, and there’s no limit on the years to come. As we like to say around here, this is only the beginning.

Think your skills and goals match ours? Drop us a line at

We’re always on the lookout for driven, highly-motivated individuals to bring their unique skills to our dynamic team.

Keep It Real

Is it a real Yonex?

Look for these things:

Is the hologram sticker easy or difficult to remove?

Yonex-Sunrise stickers are very hard to remove.

Original Sticker
Fake Sticker

Is the Yonex logo on the handle the same colour and style and font as on an authentic racquet?

Fakes will have slight variations.

Original Logo
Fake Logo

Is the product code engraved or printed on the shaft?

Yonex products have engraved product codes.

Original Engraving
Fake Engraving

Are the colour and font of the logo on the butt cap the same as on an authentic racquet?

Fakes will have slight variations.

Original Logo
Fake Logo

Our Affiliations

Sunrise & Company

We are a part of the Sunrise group, with Sunrise & Company as our executive supplier. Sunrise has built a solid reputation as a trusted distributor of authentic Yonex and Mikasa products in countries around Southeast Asia including: Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal.

With its mission statement “to be the No. 1 sports good and lifestyle company in Asia, providing a healthy lifestyle”, Sunrise is dedicated to the sale of high-quality, authentic sports equipment, and also to the development and promotion of an active sport lifestyle. Along with Yonex, Sunrise sponsors many international tournaments throughout the year and many impressive athletes on their quest to victory.


The trusted brand Yonex is the Japanese company that produces and supplies all Yonex products to Sunrise & Company and to SunriseClick. Yonex began as a small company that manufactured wooden racquets, and throughout the years has emerged as one of the best brands for excellent quality and performance on the court.

Yonex is constantly looking to use the best technology available, and as a result, they produce some of the most technologically advanced equipment on the market today. Yonex is constantly pushing to build equipment to give athletes more strength, speed, power and control, to improve their game to reach new levels. Together, Yonex and Sunrise jointly sponsor a large number of the top athletes and the largest badminton opens in the world. All our high-quality badminton and tennis equipment comes from Yonex. Check them out here.


Mikasa is the Japanese supplier of all our equipment for volleyball, basketball, football, water polo, futsal and netball. Mikasa is synonymous with high-quality equipment and their balls have been chosen as the official equipment of many international tournaments and competitions. With a goal of being the best, Mikasa continuously improves its products to stay at the top of the game. See more about Mikasa here.