Vcore Tour 97 G

Keep your opponents on the defensive with consistent, powerful attacks using the VCORE Tour 97G tennis racquet.  This racquet will help you achieve aggressive spin on your most powerful shots.  The VCORE Tour 97G has an ISOMETRIC head shape ᵀ for better accuracy, even on off-centre shots.  The 3D Vector shaft ᵀ increases stiffness and face stability, allowing you to focus on getting ultimate power behind each swing.  MICRO COREᵀ material in the frame puts high levels of spin on each ball.


-Powerful for aggressive attacks

- Stiff frame for good control

-Super cushion grip

-Ideal for advanced players


Balance: 310mm. Length: 27”. Head Size: 97 sq. in. Shaft: H.M. Graphite. Frame: H.M. Graphite, Micro Core, X-Fullerene. Main/Cross Stringing Pattern: 16/20.


Please note that this racquet comes unstrung. 

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VCORE Series | Control and Spin


For players who like to drive to the back of the court with power, but also want to maximize control and manoeuvrability, the VCORE Series racquets are the ones to turn to.  The racquets in this series produce tremendously high levels of spin and ball control through the meticulous evolution of racquet technology.  High density MICRO CORE placed at 2 and 10 o’clock within the frame improve face stability and optimizes spin-potential.  3D Vector Shaft technology creates even higher levels of control at impact, reducing twisting and creating 20% more face stability.  Dominate each match with the spin, accuracy and power generated by the VCORE series from Yonex.   


The Integrated Power Weight System (I.P.S.) is a system designed to improve face stability and give overall solidity to the frame.  Additional weight is placed at three and nine o’clock in the frame head to create longer moments of inertia, which in turn increases face stability upon impact.


The Isometric head shape creates a larger sweet spot to bring more accuracy, stability and control to all shots.  The compact Isometric head is square shaped, instead of rounded as traditionally designed, enlarging the sweet spot by 7% as compared with traditionally round head racquets. 


MICRO CORE is an innovative material that is placed at 2 and 10 o’clock in the frame head.  The material has high-density urethane properties that subtly change the weight and balance of the racquet, fine-tuning the properties that increase spin-potential and speed to the ball.  


The Oval Pressed Shaft (O.P.S.) is a new technology that enhances both flexibility and stability of the racquet. The O.P.S. design uses a rounder shaft at the corners of the frame to allow for some flexibilty in the head. Also, it utilises a wider, flatter neck on the shaft, which increases stability by providing a larger overall surface area. This combination produces high spin- potential and control.

3D Vector Shaft

The 3D Vector Shaft increases overall stiffness and face-stability, allowing for elevated levels of control.  The shaft also reduces frame twist, which generates more power and added accuracy to hit on-point.  The 3D Vector Shaft creates 20% more face stability and control than a traditional racquet.  

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